Here's a fun game Gypsy put up at the Friendly.

Here is a "story" I wrote with 16 Books of the Bible in it. Can you find them all? In the story below, you’ll find 16 hidden books of the Bible. Ignore all punctuation and spaces, and some words will run together. See if you can find them!

(We join Detective Greene as he wraps up his murder investigation…) The detective called on the woman suspect, which proved to be a most exhilarating experience. The woman seemed fatigued merely from answering the doorbell, but cordially invited him in. He was investigating the death of one Ashe Brewster, he explained, who had been bludgeoned to death with a very hard, blunt object. Before he could arrest her, he had to get to the truth. He told her the whole story, and how all the evidence pointed toward her, then remarked, “Those are the facts ma’am.” “Isn’t it usually the butler?” she asked rather coyly, seeing herself as possibly being in a real jam, (especially if he had a description of her vehicle.) He did know the car, and remarked, “I knew it was a black sedan, I eliminated the other suspect on that information.” Not wanting to be used as a “floor mat,” the woman confessed. The jobless rate had been high, and Ashe was known to carry a big wad of bills wherever he went. Yes, robbery was the motive. So, Detective Greene wraps up another case, “The judge should have thrown away the key” he said, but he only gave her ten to fifteen years on a manslaughter plea. You may read more of Detective Greene’s exploits in the chronicles of the department and in future issues of this paper. This turned out to be the makings of a great case for the detective.

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