Introduction to the Gospels

Introduction to the Gospels in Devotions

It is recommended that the reader read the entire chapter for each devotion, as the “theme” is often set in the verse chosen for the particular devotion. The Lord has wonderfully blessed in allowing me to write a devotion for every chapter of the Bible, a great task indeed. I am thankful for the opportunity to do so, and in attempt to glorify the Lord in all things, I hope to keep the focus on the Lord and on His Precious and wonderful Word. I have found Him in nearly every chapter of the Bible, and have sought to “bring Him out” and expose Him to others. The teaching will then be solely for the honor and glory of God, and not in any way to glorify self. I have worked diligently to keep these principles in focus in every devotion and I believe, by the grace of God, that He has allowed me to do so. One can glean some great truths here, and go back over some familiar ground, but all can benefit from the practicality of the Word of God contained in these short devotions. They were designed to be short and hopefully powerful, and to the point, as I realize that people are very busy these days.

We begin chapter one of The Book of Mattew tomorrow.

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