Light the Fire Again

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Light The Fire Again

Read 2 Timothy 1:6 says, "Stir up the gift of God which is in thee...." Timothy had the privilege to have a Gospel heritage. He had been brought up under the influence of a godly grandmother named Lois. His mother was a dear Christian lady by the name of Eunice. Even with a background like Paul knew, he found that the fires of God could burn dimly in your heart.

In a fireplace, the fires can die down. When you stir the dimmed coals with poker, the fire begins to burn brightly again. The reality of the matter is this—the coals are not burning brightly as they should be in our personal lives and in the church as well. There is a failure in the work of spiritually radiating and reflecting the honor and glory of God in our lives. To "stir up" is to fan a spark into a flame. The fires of God in our lives need to be restirred and rekindled.

I. Dangers-

First, the danger of familiarity is a reality. We can get so accustomed to the spiritual; we lose the excitement and thrill of it all.

Secondly, frustration can creep into the hearts of people. It is so easy to get frustrated with others and with the circumstances of life. If frustration is present, the fires of God need to be rekindled.

Thirdly, there is the danger of failure. It is possible to be so overwhelmed with failure that we seem to lose sight of what God can do for us.

II. Duty- What is our duty in regard to the spiritual ? Never let the flame of God in our hearts lose its intensity and brightness. The stirring up involves human responsibility. Why is seeing to it that we are stirred up our responsibility?

Number one, the command of the Bible necessitates it here in our text.

Then, the condition of the saints make it our duty.

As well, the conversion of the sinner is dependent up it. If you do not fan the flames of spirituality in your personal and church life, sinners will not see the Lord Jesus Christ in you and be saved. As salt, we are to help make the sinner thirsty.

III. Delight- When the fires burn brightly, at least two things are true.

First, we will have a lit-up church. People can come into that kind of atmosphere and get under old time heaven-sent, Holy Ghost conviction.

In addition, we will have a let-go church. We will stop trying to put our hand of control over everything and say, "I want Jesus to get glory more than I do to claim it for myself."

In conclusion, we will also have a let-it-rip church. We will witness for the Lord Jesus to others and not hold back when we need to give testimony(Acts. 1:8)

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