Little Is Much When God Is In It

I love the story of the widow's oil! (2 Kings 4:1-7) And I love teaching it to little kids!
This little lady, her husband was dead, with her two sons, had no money and they were going to take her two sons away to pay her debts. So she went to the preacher to find out what to do...the preacher told her to go take her oil, the only thing left in her house, and fill as many vessels as she could find. I love how this lady and her sons went to accomplish what the Lord told them to do with no questions--complete obedience!

It is so exciting to see what the Lord will use in our lives! Just like in this dear lady's life, He uses something so small, like a little vessel of oil, to work a miracle, not just in our life but other's lives. I know working in the bus ministry, it is like that think what am I accomplishing, but it is so worth it to see a child walk the aisle and accept Christ as their Savior. Or maybe you are a stay at home mom, and you think what is the use?!? but I know as a daughter to is worth having a mother at home to help and teach you! Maybe you think that the Lord has given you an insignificant job to do, but just think of what the Lord has in'll never know until you obey!

Anyway back to the story...the little lady obeyed, and when she had filled all her jars, she went back to the preacher, Elisha, to find out what to do next. Isn't it so great that she trusted the Lord enough to go a step farther and obey even more? For her obedience, the Lord richly blessed her. He provided for her needs...He took her little and made it much!
When we allow the Lord use our little, He will work a great miracle...even though for a time it may seem...what in the world? But "Little is much WHENEVER God is in it"!


Don Porter, M.Ed said...

"had no money because they were going to take her two sons away to pay her debts."

We forget how much protection we have through the Lord

JTR said...

How very true! I love our new member's blog title.. "God's Been Good" reminds me of that old song, "Well my life has never been a bed of roses/And no I haven't always been what I should be/And I must admit through all my life/I did nothing to deserve the way that God/Has been so good to me!/(chorus)God's been good to me/He's been so good to me/How I wish that I could could find the words to say/God's been good to me/He's been so good to me/In love and mercy/He has blessed me all the way!"

Anonymous said...


robert said...

"Little is much when God is in it" indeed! I love Jonathan's bold statement of faith in that regard (I Sam. 14:6). Your title comes from a gospel song by Kittie Suffield. She also wrote "God Is Still on the Throne"--another important reminder for us. And today is the 125th anniversary of Mrs. Suffield's birth. God bless.