What does God say about His Word, and what price does He put on it?

This is a summary of a Bible Study Bro. George put together. It was SO WONDERFUL and POWERFUL I had to write up a condensed version and share it with our brothers and sisters!! :)

What should our attitude be about the Scriptures? What is God's attitude about our Bible?

God Promises His Word is:

Settled Ps 119:89

Kept  Psa 12:6-7

Preserved Psa 12:6-7

Won't pass away Luke 21:33, Isa 40:8

Pure Psa 12:6

Warning-Don't Add/Subtract from God's Word

Front of the Bible warning: Deu 4:2

Middle of the Bible warning:   Prov 30:5

End of the Bible warning:    Rev 22:18

His Word IS:

Sweet Psa 119:103

Honey Psa 119:103

Life Deu 8:3, Luk 4:4

Water Eph 5:25

Milk 1 Pet 2:2

Meat Heb 5:12

Pure Psa 12:6

Tried Psa 18:30

Right Psa 33:4

Powerful Heb 4:2, Psa 33:6

Truth Psa 119:43

Lamp, Light Psa 119:105

True Psa 119:160

Righteous Psa 119:172

Fire Jer 23:29

Hammer Jer 23:29

Faithful Tit 1:9

Quick Heb 4:12

Sword Heb 4:12

Discerner Heb 4:12

Sure 2 Pet 1:9

What the Word DOES:

Tries Ps 105:19

Cleanses Psa 119:9

Keeps from sin Psa 119:11

Stregthens Ps 119:28

Gives Hope Psa 119:49

Gives Comfort Psa 119:50

Gives Light Psa 119:130

Gives Understanding Psa 119:130

Builds up Acts 20:32

Accomplishes Isa 55:10

Prospers Isa 55:10

Judges John 12:47

Sanctifies John 17:17

Works Effectually 1 Thes 2:13

Saves Ja 1:21, Eph 1:13,

Ro 10:17, 1 Pet 1:22

Our Attitude Toward the Word should Be:

Praise Ps 56:10

Don't Rebel Against Ps 105:28

Take Heed Psa 119:9

Hide Word Psa 119:11

Remember Psa 119:16

Keep Psa 119:17, 101

Trust Psa 119:42

Hope Psa 119:74

Esteem Psa 119:128, Job 23:12

Walk in Psa 119:133

Meditate Psa 119:148

In Awe Of Psa 119:161

Rejoice Psa 119:162

Speak Psa 119:172

Hold Fast 2 Tim 1:13

Rightly Divide 2 Tim 2:15

Preach 2 Tim 4:2

Desire 2 Tim 4:2

Rejoice Jer 15:16

Tremble Isa 66:1,5

In order to determine God's attitude toward His Word, we 1st have to look at the importance of God's name.

God's Name is:

Word of God Rev 19:12,13

King of Kings Rev 19:16

Lord of Lords Rev 19:16

Name above all Names Phil 2:9, Eph 1:21

Every Knee Shall Bow at His name  Phil 2:10

Every Tongue Confess His name  Phil 2:11

Declared through the whole Earth Ro 9:17

No other name that we might be saved  Acts 4:12

Alone is Excellent  Psa 148:13

God's attitude toward His Word:

Thou hast magnified thy Word above all thy name (Psa 138:2)

Wow. Amen. :)


JTR said...

Sweet...that reftagger sure is nice! Mouse over the verses and they just pop up right on screen! :)

JTR said...

BTW there is a link to this resource (reftagger), which is free, in the right column, toward the bottom on this blog.

Don Porter, M.Ed said...

Preserved Psa 12:6-7...Simply, if one can't believe that God can preserve His Word then you don't have the faith to believe He can save you

Jessica said...

Amen! It's amazing how ppl try to wrest this particular psalm to make it fit in with their own agenda..I have heard ppl even say God is speaking about preserving the poor and needy...two verses up!! lol...