Is The Battle Real?

It seems like day after day, week after week, and month after month the battle in the home doth rage. The prince of this world is hard at work corrupting our children through t.v., computers, games, friends, acquaintances, music, schools and the list goes on.

Most of my time is spent repeating rules and expectations. It seems that the children just don’t catch it or don’t care. It’s not that the expectations in the home aren’t clear and crafted by the teaching of the Bible, but that the evil in this present world is so influential and powerful.

Spiritual warfare is a real and tangible reality for the Christian home. It seems that God’s ear is turned from the troubles that abound. As we draw closer to the Day of His appearing, is the influence of the Holy Spirit retreating?

My heart grieves that my home with all the effort and energy expended is not what I think it should be. Are my expectations too high. Maybe I’m overprotective. Is it a fear of the child welfare system and what can happen to a family if a noisy neighbor interferes? Is my faith weak? Do I love too much, not enough?

Our families are in trouble! The schools and the social programs are not interested in being a support to the family. My family under the roof of my home is my responsibility. Good, bad or indifferent; I will answer for my purpose in the home and the implementation of that purpose.

Does the battle rage in your home?

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