Just a sinner

They announced earlier today that Michael Jackson died of a heart attack. He was only 50 years old too! Now I don't follow Michael, and could not tell you even the name of one of his "songs", but I had heard enough of the scandals that he got himself into. My first thought was "God finally got tired of his wickedness", but do you know what the Lord put into my mind? He's just a sinner' he was doing what sinners do; he wasn't much different than any of us, except for the grace of God. But for the grace of God, I might have been there with him! A gruesome thought, but true. He lived for "self"; he lived for the flesh, and that is what I would have done if the Lord had not saved me. You see, we are all but flesh; rotten, evil, sinful selfish flesh (sorry if I'm too "preachy" but I must speak the words that God has laid on my heart). God loved Michael. Sometimes it amazes me that God could love someone so obviously wicked, but then He loves me too! Little old me, a nobody from a big city, and just a sinner from the start. I have prayed that God would be merciful to Michael, even as I hope for mercy for me, you see, His mercy is everlasting; it "endureth forever"; it may not be too late for a little mercy for him, or for me! when a certain amount of time passes, and the news quits buzzing about Michael's life, and history swallows up his memory, Gods mercy to sinners will still be here, it will be "new every morning" and given out of a heart of love for "just a sinner" like him...like me.

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