Matthew 13

Matthew 13 The kingdom of Heaven

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like…” (v. 47)

Seven times in this chapter we see parables describing the “Kingdom of Heaven” First we must recognize that Heaven, then, is a kingdom, a real place. A kingdom must have a King, and subjects that serve Him, as we indeed do have in Heaven. This is not some fictitious place made up by men to appease their fears and soothe their conscience, for mans conscience condemns him more than it soothes him, but it is a real place and a promised dwelling place of the faithful.

It is not coincidence that the Lord chose to teach seven different parables on the subject of this Holy Heavenly Kingdom either. Seven is said to be God’s number of perfection or completion, a divine number, definitely, and seen throughout the scriptures many times. We get a complete picture from these parables of what Heaven is like. It will be, and is now, a wonderful place. The Lord gives us a look at His Kingdom from seven different angles, you might say. This kingdom is:

1. Made up of people from every walk of life; people of every class, and sort. It is made up the faithful of this world, out of the multitudes; a place of fruitfulness. (The Sower, vs. 1-23). These are the soul winners.
2. It is a place of final judgment and discernment. (The wheat and tares, vs. 24-30) It is also a place of growth and comfort; (mustard seed, vs. 31,32), a rest.
3. The Kingdom of Heaven is like Leaven, which is progressive, and expands itself. It is a needed commodity in the making of good bread, and useful for rising up of the spirit. (v. 33) This speaks of increase; prosperity
4. It is hidden from the casual seeker, but very precious. (v. 44) It is worth sacrificing this worlds goods to obtain it. (Hidden treasure)
5. It is better than great gems, and worth everything we could ever hope to have. It is a Pearl of pearls. (vs. 45, 46)
6. It is there for everyone, there is no favoritism or bias. It is the final place of the righteous, a place of separation from the world. (vs. 47-50) The dragnet.

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