Search Deep, Search Beyond Your Unbelief

I know it is very difficult to believe what is going on in our Republic and Democracy. This country remains the greatest in the world; She is fractured, though.

A burdensome concern of mine is the fact that so many do not seem to care. Now, the many that I refer to are those that hold to the truths of traditions and conservative values that made our Land great. These are the friends and acquaintances in my circle that seems to show no reaction or response to issues that I suggest are harming our country and personal freedoms. Why is this happening? Is it fear, complacency, laziness, selfishness? I wish that I knew!

We need the support of friends, family, and others in our circle of influence to be an available support during these troubled times. There is, indeed, power in numbers. You know, there is a wake-up call that is inviting us to study and learn who we are as a country and where we came from. This wake-up call is at our doorsteps. Our children, who have been divorced from the great history of our country by the public schools must be introduced to the living truths that founded our country.

Am I an alarmist? You betcha.....The alarm must be sounded and beaconed to all who will hear with their ears and hearts.

I ask you, will you strive to make a difference? Please, love your country once again!

The following list reviews hundreds of instances in which the United States has utilized military forces abroad in situations of military conflict or potential conflict to protect US citizens or promote US interests.


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The Swamp Fox said...

This is an excellent, and much needed piece! Thanks for putting it up.