Judges 6

In Judges 6 and verses 25-33, we see the story of Gideon, and his zeal in casting down the altars of Baal. A close reading of this passage reveals many interesting things that we could use in our daily walk with our Lord.
First, we see the command to “throw down the altars of Baal” given to Gideon by God Himself. We look at this, and isolate it to a particular time, and a particular people, but, my friends, I see many altars of Baal in our lives today! They too need to be “cast down” and destroyed, lest we forfeit the blessings of God in our lives. What are these ungodly altars? They are whatever takes the place of Christ in our lives!
Let me ask you, where do you find comfort from the hustle and bustle of daily life? In the woods? Up north on the lake? Or maybe just relaxing in your favorite vacation spot. I say to you, beware, God wants to be your comfort! In what do you trust? Money? Weapons? Welfare? God wants us to trust in Him for all our needs, and whatever we “replace” Him with in our lives, becomes an idol! Do you worry about where your next meal is coming from? Why take ye thought for it? Did not God promise to meet that specific need in the Bible? What about protection? Do you sleep with a gun under your pillow at night? If so, shame on you! Where is God in your thoughts? God wants to be your “everything” in your life.
I say to you dear friend, when we strive to “get” what God has already given, we create idols in our lives. When we ignore His promises and scheme and plot, and connive to get things, we become the fulfiller of our own promises! We put ourselves in his place! We too need to cast down some altars of Baal.

We, as Gideon did, must use discretion. He went by night, so as not to create a “scene” openly. Yes, he probably was afraid, but he went. Are you that quick to throw down some altars when it is not popular to do so? And they may be altars that were owned, or created, by family members! I wonder what we would have done? Fear, in itself, is not evil, but fear that causes us to disobey our God, is very evil. Gideon opposed his own dad, but he did what was right to do.
Then, note too, that Gideon not only threw down the altar of Baal, but built an altar to God in its place! Whenever we destroy an “altar” in our lives, we need to immediately replace it with another, a good one. If we leave an “empty spot” in our lives, Satan will be sure to fill it with his trash. He lurks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. He has a garbage truck, and is looking for a place to dump it! Will he find it in you, my friend? I hope not.

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