Lifting up Jesus

“Lifted Up”

And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. (John 12:32)

Think for a moment of the great significance of this verse; Jesus is speaking here, most likely, of His crucifixion, and the fact that the attention of the world will be His at that time (v. 33). Let us look though at a few of other ways we might lift Him up, and thereby draw the attention of men.

First, and foremost, is the text; Christ knew that the calendar would be based on Him, and time, as we know it, would center on His death at Calvary. Today we still use “BC” and “AD” in our time tables, as well as regulating the calendar as starting about the time of His death. He, indeed, drew the attention of all men unto Him, as well as drawing them to the Father by providing salvation for mankind.

Next we must “Lift Him up” before others in praise and testimony. Our actions in this regard, will “draw” men to Him, and further glorify the Father. Keep in mind as we look at these things that all scripture has only one interpretation, but there can be several applications to one verse, as we will see here.

Also, Christ would be “lifted up” in the resurrection, from the grave. This gives us our Easter Season, and all men are drawn to Him through it. This resurrection was not yet accomplished, and was therefore spoken of as a future event. Christ often taught the disciples of His resurrection from the dead.

Then, lastly, we see that we are to “Lift Him up” in our hearts, to the throne of our lives. Giving Him “First place” in our life would draw the attentions of others. If Christ is first in our lives, before anything else, we honor Him in all that we do, and it becomes obvious to others around us. One is not always popular in this way; sometimes, even though we draw another man’s attention, it comes in the form of persecution and trails, but nonetheless, it comes to us. Friends, it is worth whatever we must suffer for His sake. Put the Lord first, before love; before friendship; before careers; before everything in your life, and reap the great benefits of peace, and joy unspeakable.

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