The Book of Mark

Mark 1

“I indeed have baptized you with water: but he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost.” (v. 8)

The careful observer will no doubt notice that these inspired writers of the Gospel write of the Holy Ghost as well as the Holy Spirit, even in the same verse at times. Why the change? Because we see in the Holy Ghost, two parts, the one being the power, and the other the person. My goal is not to add to the trinity, but to help others see that there is an actual personage as well as a power mentioned interchangeably throughout the Bible, concerning the Holy Spirit. The Holy Ghost has a work to the glory of God, as well as the Holy Spirit has, and, of course, they are both one in the same. The Holy Spirit occupies us, while the Holy Ghost enlightens and empowers us. Here we see Mark emphasizing the power aspect of the Holy Spirit. Study the two renderings of this name and title, and see the wonderful blessing it affords us.

Notice, if you will this is not what is commonly called the “baptism of the Holy Ghost” but it is the baptism with the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the means by which we are baptized into Christ, and is not the Spirit’s own baptism. This may seem to be a technicality, but it is imperative in our day and age when we see the misuse and false teachings today on the subject of the Holy Ghost baptism. John’s baptism was of water, and “unto repentance” as a promise of repentance so to speak, while Christ’s was true baptism with the Holy Ghost, an unseen, unfelt, but very real baptism. John’s baptism was a commitment, while Christ’s was an act of God unto us, actually putting us into the family of God in Christ. It is a secret work, and the scriptures tell us that the secret things belong unto God, (Deut. 29:29). Christ will accomplish this, at the time of salvation; there is nothing more we need to do. After we are saved, the Holy Spirit works in our life to convict, comfort, conform and empower us, and make intercession for us in various ways.

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