Mark 7

“But Jesus said unto her, Let the children first be filled: for it is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it unto the dogs.
And she answered and said unto him, Yes, Lord: yet the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs.” (vs. 27,28)

These verses are very precious to me, as they are the embryo of these very devotions. You see, it started with this passage and the realization that the message here is that the “bread” is the Word of God, and the crumbs are those little tidbits of information that we glean from it every day. I first began with a title, “Crumbs from the Masters’ Table” for these “tidbits” and “gems” of scripture that the Lord has seen fit to reveal unto me. It was based, of course on this same passage. So, you can see the gist of what I am writing about now, that we, as dogs, need to desire the morsels that the Lord allows to fall our way from His table of delightful things. No dog has ever eaten so good. I realize that the text is speaking of receiving a miracle, or a “touch from God” as some would say, in the physical sense, but to all scripture there is a physical as well as a spiritual application. The sooner we learn this, the higher we climb up the ladder of God. This Gentile lady was blessed because she sought the crumbs that fell from the Word of God, and she continued until the crumbs became bread. You see, bread is nothing but crumbs all lumped together into a bigger mass, and shaped into a loaf. We begin with crumbs, and eventually are able to eat the entire loaf, but let us first devour the crumbs. The Israelites had to have the first chance, but then the Gentiles got the leftovers! Praise God for the crumbs!

Who then is the “Bread of Life”? Jesus Himself. We ought to seek this as our “daily bread” as the Lord admonished us to do in the example of prayer He gives in Mt. 6:11. We all need this daily touch from God, without which we are nothing. Oh, for these Holy treasures of crumbs from the Word of God! These lovely morsels of the Word enrich us, and nurture us; they become the strength we need for each day, and a vital part of our growth. Though merely crumbs, they mass together and become a mighty loaf. Don’t ignore the crumbs from God’s table, as “handfuls on purpose” for the poor.

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