No Unreasonable Service

Sometimes in the routines of life- in the seemingly mundane tasks of everyday living, I can see why women get exasperated with being homemakers. No sooner have we washed, dried and folded a load of washing, than the hamper is filling up again! The freshly made bed has been sat on again, the pristine bathroom has toothpaste in the basin and the toilet seat has been left up- again! We won’t even think about the pots that need scrubbing and the plates needing washing- for the third time today. Life can seem so boring and repetitive! Especially when there are little ones to look after and you are in desperate need of a nap- and they aren’t.

Monotony sometimes fuels fatigue- or maybe the fatigue is brought on through the monotony of the mundane running of a home.Whatever the reason, we can dwell on our many tasks, and as we see our husbands off to work, we can brood about our lot in life. We think we are serving our husbands, and we are- but we haven’t got a servant’s heart. We need an attitude adjustment.

Instead of focusing on our husband’s “freedom” as he leaves for work, we should consider that it is WE who have the choice part in life. For we can for the most part, pick and choose what jobs are to be done on any particular day. We can rest when we need it, make a phone call, watch a TV program, use the computer or enjoy a hobby. Or we can go to the store and get out into the thick of things, only to return to the relative calm of our own home when we have had enough.

Unfortunately, our husbands do not enjoy the same privileges. They are out in the thick of the “dog-eat-dog” mentality of the world all day. Restricted in activities and choices- they do not enjoy the freedom that we have. Certainly, they have to face stresses we do not often have to worry about- pleasing the boss and producing. Employment is always about production when you come down to the bottom line! And that is often stressful.

How our husband can enjoy his home and family and unwind from the enormous pressures that he bears will depend upon us! If he comes home to a peaceful home that is reasonably well maintained with his wife and family genuinely glad to see him, he will be able to not only unwind but feel appreciated. It is for you that he works and worries about maintaining his job.

Compared to our domestic woes, his worries are by far the more gruelling and we would do well to try to develop a compassionate and empathetic attitude to him. Apart from being affectionate when he arrives home, I believe we should have planned our day to have the majority of our domestic chores completed so that we can be available to our man.

Sometimes a man will need to be pleasantly silent and reflective- just to turn off from the constant interaction of the day. Understand that this is not a reflection on you- allow him the time to unwind. When he is ready, he will share his day with you. Try to be attentive when he wants to talk.

It is a good thing to prepare the evening meal in the morning if possible. That way, dinner will be on time and you will be less tired. Try to set the table in the afternoon. You will be glad later on that you did. Have the children pick up their toys before Daddy comes home, and make sure bikes and scooters have been removed from the driveway.

Washing is best done- and by done I mean, washed, dried, folded and/or ironed and put away early in the day- it is not good to be folding it when the evening comes and your husband wants to talk and enjoy your company! As his wife, your place is by his side.

Try to have the children cleaned up and freshen up your makeup and brush your hair before your husband arrives home! Make him glad to come home to you! Try not to overwhelm him as soon as he gets in the door with the woes of the day and the disciplining of the children. Remember, he needs time to unwind.

This all sounds like a lot of effort and work for a wife, but we must keep our focus on being a helpmeet to our husband. It is not unreasonable for a man to have a clean shirt, socks in the drawer and in pairs, dinner ready and the home tidy and exuding a peaceful tone, and his wife in a welcoming mood when he gets in the door. This is what will keep him motivated in providing for you- his family.

A servant’s heart is needed for this wonderful job of being a helpmeet. God has given us the choice role in marriage, one that He in His Wisdom has ordained as the woman’s role. May keeping an open mind of the cares your husband bears daily help you develop a servant’s heart- for to serve your husband is no unreasonable service, but a God-given role designed to bless not only your marriage and family, but you as a godly wife, mother and homemaker. And that doesn’t sound unreasonable to me!

© Glenys Robyn Hicks of Morning Cuppas With Glenys

"She will do him good and not evil all the days of her life." Proverbs 31:12

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