Psalms 119:65-72

“It is good for me that I have been afflicted; that I might learn thy statutes.” (v. 71)

Strength often comes through adversity. When a man lifts weights to increase his strength, he puts his body under much pressure and stress, but in the end, he is made stronger. Such is the way of adversity. We tend to not welcome adversity but we can see the long range affect of it, and how much we need it to mature us, and teach us patience. (Rom. 5:3). For this reason, we can “glory” in tribulation. Yes, when we are afflicted, and endure it, especially on Christ’s behalf, with patience, the “Spirit of glory and of God” are upon us (1 Peter 4:14).

Here though we see something even more special, and more peculiar. We see that affliction teaches us! The psalmist learns more about the things of God, especially the Word of God, through affliction. It is, therefore, good for us to have been, and to continue to be, afflicted. We see also the affliction can set us on the right path, “Before I was afflicted I went astray: but now have I kept thy word.” (v. 67). Yes chastisement teaches us to do right. God uses affliction for His purposes, as we have seen, therefore, we can rejoice in our afflictions.

Perhaps a part of the affliction was that others had lied against him, and caused him much trouble, (v. 69), and in v. 70, it is clear that he is going to do right in spite of what others do. We too need this kind of tenacity; we need to determine to do right, no matter what. I used to tell my kids, “No matter what anyone else does, you do what’s right” I said it so much that they often finished the quote with me, but they got the point. Folks, we need to do right, and stay in the Word, no matter what comes our way. Afflictions will come, but God can make the most of them for His glory. We need to see them through, and realize that, somehow we will be made better through the trials.

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