Can He Do That?!!?

2 Chronicles 34:7 And when he had broken down the altars and the groves, and had beaten the graven images into powder, and cut down all the idols throughout all the land of Israel, he returned to Jerusalem.

Last night the VBS lesson was on King Josiah. One of the aspects of his life we covered was the fact that he destroyed the idols that the people were worshiping instead of God. Well, I thought, "You know what would be awesome - I am going to smash some idols on stage for all the kids to see!" So then I go to the dollar store and buy two porcelain statues to bust up.

When I get to that part of the lesson, I take out my hammer and smash them right on the stage. Now, just before I do that, there is that still, small voice inside of me saying, "Maybe this is not such a good idea..." And so as I smash these figurines, porcelain pieces begin to fly everywhere, including my face. I quickly glance up and see two things:
  • #1 - The kids are loving it, and none of them got hit!
  • #2 - My workers are looking at me like I am crazy!
Not the first time they have looked at me like that, so I continue on. But I forgot to turn on the fan and it was hot and humid on the stage, so I am sweating pretty good by now. I go to wipe my forehead and I hear one of the kids on the front row say, "You're bleeding!"

Sure enough, one of those pieces did hit someone - me! It was just a small, surface cut - but blood none the less!
I thought a little more about it this morning and it occurred to me: I bet most of Israel looked at King Josiah the same way some of my workers were looking at me. While I am sure some of Israel was angry, I can imagine most just stunned. Often times, when you serve the Lord, there will be moments when you follow God and all you get is some stunned looks. Have faith in God and His plan, and just press forward.

Continue to pray for our meetings this week. Kids were down a little bit last night, but the reports I received back from the Tent Meeting were positive again. The people are really connecting and responding to Evangelist Jayson Godsey ( and are coming away encouraged and challenged to do more for Christ.


Jessica said...

Lol, sounds like a great time! Praying for your VBS this week. Thank the Lord for pastors with hearts for children.

Grammy Blick said...

Oh, I wish I had been there! I know you are so right to say the kids loved it. They do so enjoy visual lessons, participation and the unexpected -- you provided all three. Those are the things you never forget.