The Fear of Risk

Henry Fairlie of the Washington Post, writing in the Tulsa World, states that the “fear of risk is killing the American Spirit.” He points out our over-reaction to Three Mile Island and the engine on one DC-10.

He believes that the nation that won’t build a dam because of a small snail darter, or that will delay a carriage to the stars because it might fall like Skylab is in deep trouble.

He asked, “Was the Mayflower seaworthy?” He contends that a group of Americans today would not have the heart to cross the Rockies as our forefathers did years ago. It would be too risky!

There is a lesson here for the church of our Lord. Many good works go wanting for fear of the risk involved. Some Christians will not become soul winners because of the risk of being hurt. Others have never given liberally to God because of fear of poverty. Church members refuse to become involved in domestic and world evangelism because they might not succeed. Another won’t defend truth for the same reason. No doubt but what the “fear of risk” has killed many good programs in the church. There is no “fear of risk” for Christ. He knew that He came into the world to die for all. He asked his followers to deny themselves daily and take up their crosses and walk! There will always be some perils, but think of the risk if we don’t!

Time to step out and step up to do the job God has called His church to do.

Have a great day,

Bro. Harry Shomaker

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

And our fear is often far greater than the risk itself! Fear is not worth giving in to. I like the saying (don't know who said it) that courage is not the lack of fear but acting in spite of fear.