Hymn - "Does Jesus Care?"

1 Peter 5:7
Psalm 55:22
Psalm 43:5
Matthew 6:25-34

Is God really present and concerned during my times of hurt? Does He care, when the burdens weigh heavily on my every thought and activity? Does He care, when I can no longer endure some strong testings? Does He care, when I must say a final farewell to my dearest loved one on earth?

These questions and doubts are common to nearly all of God’s children at some time or other in life, just as they were to the author of this text, Frank E. Graeff. Mr. Graeff was a minister in the Methodist denomination and served some of its leading churches, in Philadelphia Conference. Throughout the district, he was known as the “sunshine minister.” C. Austin Miles, author of the popular hymn, “In the Garden,” paid this tribute to Frank Graeff:

"He is a spiritual optimist, a great friend of children; his bright sun-shining disposition attracts him not only to children, but to all with whom he comes in contact. He has a holy magnetism and a child-like faith."

In spite of his outwardly-cheery disposition and winsome personality, Graeff was often called upon to go through severe testing experiences in his life. It was while passing through such a test and experiencing severe despondency, doubt and physical agony, that Mr. Graeff wrote this text. He turned to the Scriptures for solace and strength. First Peter 5:7 became especially meaningful to him during this particular struggle: “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.”

The phrase, “He careth for you”, spoke deeply to his need and eventually became the basis for this text.

To experience times of question and even doubts regarding the nearness of God, as Frank Graeff did in the verses of this hymn, is only human and normal. It is only as a believer comes through such a struggle, however, with the firm conviction as Mr. Graeff did in the chorus of this hymn, “O yes He cares, I know He cares,” that a child of God can be truly victorious.

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