The Last Day: Make It Count

The Lord has been very good to us this week with lasting, eternal decisions being made for him. Please pray as we finish everything up tonight and make it count for the Lord.

While it was disappointing to not have the special music group that was lined up to be here this week, I believe the Lord has reminded us that while music is a great tool, He doesn't need it to speak to people. Evangelist Jayson Godsey - - has been a tremendous help and blessing to our church. If you are a pastor who is reading this, let me recommend him to you. His expository-style preaching not only has the Bible content that many preachers lack these days, but it has the fire that sparks a spiritual decisions in the hearts of the hearers.

The VBS kids, and my wife, are looking forward to the special event of the evening. We have had a penny war all week at VBS between the boys (represented by me) and the girls (represented by my wife Darci). After all the pennies are turned in, we put both buckets on the balancing scale to see who is the heaviest. And by the end of the week, whichever group won the most days, their leader would get to "slime" the other one's leader.

Well, it hasn't been pretty this week - 4 days and 4 wins for the girls. So after church I will be getting "Slimed." No pictures, please?!

Please pray for our final night, and if you are in the Westland/Detroit area, come by and participate @7pm - 1033 S. Wildwood, Westland, MI 48186.

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