Now is the time...

I read this letter this week, and thought that it spoke to Christians of every generation. Could it not just as easily be a plea for missionaries to go to our military today?

March 3, 1864

Now is the time to preach in the army. There is a half formed intention on the part of many of our brethren that they will come to the army when the weather opens, and spend a while in preaching to the soldiers. Let me urge that they come at once. There are comfortable houses of worship (thirty-seven in all) scattered throughout our camps; there is a good prospect of weeks of uninterrupted labor, and there is an eagerness to hear the Gospel seldom witnessed in camp. Many of our chaplains are now absent, taking a needed respite from their labors, and there are now comparatively few missionaries in the camps; so that, at a time when there is special demand for ministerial labors, the supply is unusually limited. I appeal, then to our brethren in the ministry (especially to our most useful pastors) to come at once, if only for a short time, and give us a helping hand in reaping the precious sheaves now "white unto the harvest." It will cost some trouble and sacrifice--but ought we not to be willing to endure these for the good of the noble fellows who risk their all for us? And do not delay your coming brethren, for these is many a poor fellow whom you might reach now, who will fill a soldier's grave in the early spring campaign. Take your roll of blankets and a box of provisions (if convenient) to help the "mess" with which you may stay, and come right along.

J. Wm. Jones, Army Evangelist

~from Christ in the Camp by J. William Jones, p. 367

Sharon Raub's family operates Eagle's Wings Military Ministry, an outreach to the families who pay such a high price for our freedom. Be sure to check out their site and pray for them!

picture from Smithsonian Images taken by Terry Buckwalter


rightymo said...

This is great! I am always looking for fresh material for my Veteran's Blog, may I use it in "The Veteran's Corner"?

Anonymous said...

Yes, this letter would be excellent for a veteran's blog! Please feel free to use it!