Psa 119: 169-176

“I have gone astray like a lost sheep; seek thy servant; for I do not forget thy commandments.” (v. 176)

David sounds much like Isaiah in 53:6, he knows the heart of man, and the wickedness of the flesh. Christ spoke of this very thing in his parable of the lost sheep, and seeking after the one that went astray, (Mt 18:12). David admitted that he was prone to go astray, and that the flesh is weak. He never forgot his place before the Lord and his own frailty. He knew that he was a sheep, helpless, and totally at the mercy of the Shepherd, only his Shepherd was the Lord of glory!

Here we have another great verse for eternal security, though he had went astray, he honored God and His commandments again. God will seek us out when we go astray, and bring us back to the fold. We may leave the fold, but we never quit being a sheep! When we do leave, in our foolishness, the Great Shepherd, the Chief Shepherd, will seek us out and draw us back to Him. Restoration is a glorious thing, and it is from the Lord. His Word will bring us back again!

What a wonderful salute to the Word of God this Psalm has been, and a wonderful legacy to our God. There is so much in It for us, restoration, cleansing, wisdom, knowledge, victory, and much, much more, all there for our benefit and betterment. “Great peace have they that love thy law…” yes, great peace indeed. Remember that Christ is the Word, and He is in every page throughout this psalm, and in nearly every verse. What an amazing tribute to an even more amazing God! Again, let me say that we ought to read this psalm often, with great anticipation, and with careful diligence to see the Lord of the psalm.

Did you ever hear the saying that “confession is good for the soul”? David knew how to confess and how to humble himself and obtain forgiveness, he had done it many times. Reading the psalms gives us a good look at the heart of this amazing man of God. We would do well to learn his heart and emulate him.

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Terry Finley said...

The Psalms sure speak to us today.

Terry Finley