Living and Dead

Romans 7

“For I was alive without the law once: but when the commandment came, sin revived, and I died.” (v. 9)

In Christ I died, and will live no more; in me He lives and will die no more. You see, I am in Him, and He in me, but my life is not life, and that leaves only His! He is everything; I am nothing, (v. 18). It is not my life that matters any more, but His only. I live only as He lives in me. When His perfect life mingles with my imperfect life, there is no comparison. My friend, it is that way with all of us. We are flesh, dirty, evil, and very fickle. We are fearful, and deceitful, but He is all that is good and right. I would rather have His life in me than my own!

I used to think I had life; I thought that the way I was living was all there was for us, and it is, if we ignore Calvary. I had no life, but a mere existence. As a ghoul, I was among the living dead. I walked; I talked; I schemed and planned, but to no real avail because He was missing in my life. I searched for truth; I sought after delights; I chased the dreams of man, but found frustration and confusion. I thought I was really living, when all the time I was dead. There is no life without Christ. I wrote a poem that sums up my life quite well:

Been there

I’ve been down the road of evil,
And past the gates of hell;
I’ve laughed at “laudy” goodness
As my woeful heart will tell;
I’ve tickled every fancy,
And chased the elusive dream;
I’ve licked the bottom of the barrel,
And lapped the delicate cream.

I’ve fought many battles,
I’ve known the enemies fears;
I’ve laughed the laugh of victory,
And cried with bitter tears:
I’ve been up and down the road of life,
I’ve sparked many schemes;
I’ve “been there” and back again,
And heard life’s awesome screams.

I’ve played with sin on every hand,
Amid the sorrows and the cries;
Followed the winsome ways of man,
And lifted up these wretched eyes;
And looked to Jesus, that Blessed Hope,
Now that weary life has changed,
‘Twas He that taught my heart to cope,
My thoughts, my dreams, been re-arranged.

In all I’ve done and all I’ve and seen,
With great rejoicing I can say,
My life is purged, I’ve been made clean,
Now I live, to serve another day;
With a heart that’s helpless on its own,
And with a joyful heart of love;
I’ve been strengthened these years I’ve grown,
‘Cause I’ve embraced the Lord above.

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