What is a Fundamentalist?

There are many words in this one word that describe what a fundamentalist really is:

First the word is “Fun”:
It is fun to be a fundamentalist. We can have fun in spite of so-called “restrictions”. Instead of thinking of standards as restrictions, we must see them as protectors, and realize the freedom we have within them. It can be fun; we make fundamentalism what we wish it to be. We do not quit living; we do not quit having good, decent, and honest fun.

Then we have the word “Fund”:
The fundamentalists are funded by their own congregations. We are independent of government funding, and of funds from a headquarters or denominational board. No “convention” or corporation of churches for us, and we answer only to the Lord. The funds are the tithes and offerings of the people, and are the sole responsibility of the local church.

Next we see the word “a”:
“Individualism” that’s what fundamentalism is. The word “a” describes the singular, with each fundamentalist being able to serve in the capacity that the Lord moves him to, and is not concerned so much with the traditions of men.

Now, the word “amen”:
“Amen” means “so be it” or “it is so”. It is a definite declaration, an assurance that he knows the Truth and will stick by it at all cost. It has become a word of agreement, an assent to ideas, principles, and concepts of truth. The fundamentalist lives by these principles; he will take a stand for what is right.

Now we see the word “mental”:
The fundamentalist uses his head for more than a hat rack! He is a thinker; a doer; and He weighs his thoughts by the scale of God’s Word. His meditations are upon “the law of the Lord” day and night, and he walks in the comfort of God’s grace. He allows the Bible to tell him what kinds of thoughts he should have, and not mans politics or customs. Goodness and right just make sense to him.

Now, a strange word, “mentalist”:
A “mentalist” believes that some phenomena cannot be explained by natural means; he believes in miracles and a miracle working God. A mentalist is a thinker; he is known for being level headed and realistic.

Finally, “list”;
Every fundamentalist has a “list” of things he lives by. They may not be written in a notebook, but they are defined and obvious to him. They are all that is good and proper, and that glorifies the Father. He weighs his actions according to this list.

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