The Higher the Bamboo Grows, the Lower It Bends

A government official who came into President Lincoln’s office was startled to find the chief executive shining his shoes. “Sir,” he gasped, “surely you do not polish your own shoes!” “Of course,” replied the humble President. “Whose do you polish?” The greatness of a man is evidenced by his humility. In the words of an old Filipino saying, “The higher the bamboo grows, the lower it bends.”

All of this is illustrated in the life of Jesus. (Matt. 20:28). The highest title God ever allows in His church is “servant.” Am I willing to serve people as Jesus did? I know, I cannot die for people to save them as Jesus did, but I can “die to self” to enable me to tell people that Jesus died for their sins, and thus serve them in the greatest way possible. When I humble myself, then God will give me the grace to grow into maturity where, I like the tall bamboo, can lower myself to serve those of “low esteem.” Notice, (Rom. 12:16). How tall are you spiritually? Tall and flexible enough to serve people in all kinds of situations?

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