Silent Answers

Once a young couple lost their only child, a beautiful three-year-old daughter, as a result of a freak accident. Unable to justify this tragedy with their concept of a loving God, they went to their minister for help. “Why?” they asked. “It was God’s will,” the preacher told them.
The couple just couldn’t accept that the passing of their little daughter could somehow serve God’s will, and they sought out another preacher friend. He quoted yards of Scripture, trying to give them comfort, but his verses fell on deaf ears.

Finally, the young couple turned to a frail elderly woman in their church. Surely, she could give them a reason for the child’s death, but the old woman didn’t utter a single word. Instead, she tenderly wrapped her arms around the heartbroken couple’s shoulders, and together they cried the hurt away.

Sometimes when theological answers are not easy to the complex misfortunes of life, perhaps we just need to hush our babblings. Sometimes when answers aren’t easy, our best statement is silent caring. When was the last time you helped that individual with just being there?

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