Ten new chapters

Ten new chapters in the commentary on Romans are put up in PDF. These are provided for free use.

The link to the various chapters in the commentary is below:
Dr. Ketchum's Commentary on the Book of Romans

These ten new chapters cover the text from Romans 9:25 through 11:11.

The links are below:

The Faith Seed of the Abrahamic Covenant
The Melchisedecan Priesthood of Christ Equals the Sons of Zadok
How a National Israelite Becomes a Spiritual Israelite
The Debilitating Façade of Hope in Legalism
Whosoever Shall Call . . . Shall be Saved!
The Synergism with the Lord of Hosts and the Soteriological Responsibilities of His Redeemed
Salvation Invitation to Whosoever: Response Required
From Where Does Faith Come?
The Remnant According to the Election of Grace
The Fulfillment of the Prophecy of Reprobation of the Corrupt Priesthood

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