Added a New Music Player to IFB KJV

I have had this player on my personal blog for a while, and I don't like to put music on the main page of a blog for a number of reasons. Some ppl are trying to get the babies to sleep and suddenly without warning, click on a blog and music starts! Some ppl are listening to their own music already, or listening to an online Christian radio station. And some ppl (me!) have very old computers and music just about causes a crash - especially if you somehow get two players started!

However, now I figured out how to add different pages to Blogger! It took me long enough, yes? So, those are the links at the top of the page just below the you can enjoy the music if you want....or ignore it if you want. These songs have all meant so much to me. My family has gone through a rough battle this past year, and while we are starting to emerge from it, there are still skirmishes to fight. Every time I have this player going though, it helps my faith and keeps me focused on God as we all heal. Some of the songs relate to certain battles we have fought, and listening to them reminds me of what God has done there. I hope you find some enjoyment in them as well.

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