___ Reasons Why I Love The Lord

A member of IFBKJV.com's Blog Directory recently posted 50 Reasons Why I Love The Lord to mark their fiftieth year of salvation on their blog. What a great idea.

How many years have you been saved? Can you think of that many reasons why you love your Lord? I am going to make this an interactive post with Mr. Linky using the "Monday Memories" meme.

If you participate in this blog topic meme on the reasons you love the Lord (relating to the number of years you have been saved), please post the url below so others can read your reasons.


Joyful Grandma said...

Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed reading the others. Such a blessing. I hope others will do this too. God is so good!

Barbara said...

I do love this idea, and hope others will join in also, God is so wonderful to us, and he so deserves our worship.