... effectual fervent prayer....

Greetings friends and fellow believers in our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is with hopeful heart that I bring to you a need for prayer for my dear daughter who was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer early this summer. She will have her 4th chemotherapy treatment this week. She is battling this evil beast but her faith and spirit have not waivered from Christ her Saviour.

Now it is our request that intercessory prayer be offered according to Scripture: "...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." James 5:16.

If you would like to leave a word of encouragement to my daughter, please leave it in the "comments" below and I will pass it along to her.


JTR said...

Praying for her!

KasaYeshua said...

Dear sister in Christ Jesus,
The Lord will be with you!
He will strengthen & uphold you with The Right Hand of His Righteousness, each step of your way!
He will carry you through each door, and into each place of blessing along your pathWay!

He loves you with His everlasting, unconditional, giving Love!
He rejoices over you with Joy & with Singing! Imagine (picture) The Lord Himself singing Joyfully about you! Oh, ... Hallelujah!!

He is thinking about you every moment! (& through the night!)
His thoughts toward you are ever for your good and for an expected end that He has prepared for you! -- in Heaven! -- with rewards! -- so bless-ed!

He is the Victorious Warrior!
His Right Hand and His Holy Arm hath gotten Him the victory! (over all that fights against all your efforts to walk with Him, & abide in Him!0) -- from Psalm 98:1b

Hold onto His Hand tightly! He will pick you up when the waters rise high around you. He will put you on His Strong Shoulders when the waters rise higher, still. He will walk on top of the waters, when necessary, to get you to your place of rest, ... in His Arms!

He may choose to completely heal your body, on earth, to glorify His Name! He may choose to do something even better that will bring His Name ever more glory!
I will choose to believe He will answer our prayers for you in agreement with Ephesians 3:16 and 3:20 (especially v. 20).
He says He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to His Power (of His Holy Spirit) that worketh (continually) in us (who believe in Christ Jesus, our Redeemer & Lord).

Let's believe ... and leave the rest to Him!

meant with Love for you in The Lord!

Vera said...

Bless you ladies for your fervent prayers. She is coping well with treatments and keeps her heart and mind on her Saviour.