Excuses, Excuses, You'll Hear Them Everyday...Part 2

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Today, we’ll look at the second part of Moses’s excuses to the Lord. As we talked about yesterday, It seems like everyone, from time to time, finds excuses that hinder our relationship with Jesus Christ. So many times we don’t serve God because we have a “good” reason that we can’t. Moses gave five excuses as to why he couldn’t do the task that God laid before him. We looked at the first two excuses yesterday. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s blog post, just click on this link:“Excuses, Excuses, You’ll Hear Them Everyday…Part 1″, and you will find the first two excuses, with how they relate to us today.

We talked yesterday about how the first two excuses Moses gave were classic among us today. Well, the last three excuses are pretty common as well! Let’s look at the last three excuses now.

Moses’s Third Excuse: “They won’t listen! They will reject the message and the messenger.” – How many times do we as followers of Christ use this excuse? This excuse is probably most used about witnessing. So often we say, Well, I know that Jesus gave us the great commission, and I know He wants us to reach the lost and dying with the Gospel, but in today’s times, people won’t listen! That’s why I don’t witness, because I know nobody is going to pay attention to me.” Have you ever heard someone say that? I know I have! In fact, I’ve even used that excuse before! Then I realized: That was just another nice excuse to not follow God’s plan! It sounds nice, but the fact of the matter is this: God commanded His Scriptural, New Testament Church to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations…” (Matthew 28:19) We have been commanded to go and teach and preach the Gospel! It doesn’t say, “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations if they are listening…” At the beginning of this year, I was working at a factory. I had only been a preacher for about 4 months. While I was working there, I met another preacher who had just come back from Seminary. We struck up a friendship, and since we worked on the same line, we talked often. One day we were sitting in the break room, when one of the other guys from our line walked in. He began to mock God, and make fun of Jesus, as he had done every other time he saw me. He poked fun at salvation, and jokingly asked if I could “save” him. So, I started to give him the simple plan of salvation! My preacher friend seemed uninterested, and got up and left the break room. It was exciting for me to be able to share the Gospel with someone at work! I have to say, the guy shot me down after about 5 minutes, told me the Bible was full of contradictions, and walked out, but still, I was able to share the Gospel with him! I asked my preacher friend about it later, and why he didn’t stay in there with me. He told me, “Well, there are just some people I won’t witness to, and he was one of them.” I asked him why he wouldn’t witness to him, and he replied, “Some people just aren’t ready to hear the Gospel.” How sad is that? It’s not up to us who is “ready” to hear the Gospel, it’s our job to tell it! We can’t be concerned how it is going to be taken, or if the other person is even going to listen! That’s not our problem, our concern is to simply share the Gospel. Countless Prophets in the Old Testament went and told the masses what God’s message was, without ever having one single convert! Jeremiah for example, preached for 70 years, and NEVER had one person repent because of his message. Jeremiah didn’t worry about it though, he was simply following God’s command. Can we honestly say today that we are doing the same thing?

Moses’s Forth Excuse: I don’t know how to say it. I do not talk or speak well. – Alright, this one goes along with the last excuse. Do you notice how these excuses all focus on our weaknesses? God has called Moses, specifically for this task, and he is so worried about himself, that he can’t see that God will be with him! God tells Moses, “I will be with thy mouth and teach thee what thou shalt say.” Wow! The God of the universe says He will be with Moses’s mouth, and teach him what to say! What could Moses do wrong, if God is leading his mouth? What about us though? How many times do we say that we can’t share the Gospel, or we can’t tell others about Christ, because we wouldn’t know what to say? God says He will be with you, and teach you what to say! What else do you need? When we step out on faith, and talk to someone, God really will direct your mouth. I’ve been scared to death to talk in front of people, or to even talk one-on-one with someone before, but God has always put the words, His Words, in my mouth! I’ve spoken in front of many people before, and 5 minutes before I got up on the platform, I was so worried I would forget what I was going to say! However, when I get up and approach the pulpit, God always helps me remember what I’ve studied, and He helps me deliver the message. We must be willing to step out of our comfort zone, because that is when God can use us the most!

Moses’s Fifth Excuse: “Someone else could do it better. Send someone else.” – Moses’s last and final excuse to the Lord is that someone else could do the task better. Again, Moses is more concerned about himself than following the Lord’s command. Oftentimes, we get the complex that someone else could preach better, or someone else could share the Gospel with that person better. What we are doing with this excuse, just like all the others, is we doubt Jesus! We put a limit on God when we question His plan. Think about it, The great I AM THAT I AM, The Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End, The Ancient of Days, our Deliverer, our Creator, and our Savior has a Master plan for our lives, and we think we know better. How arrogant do we have to be before we honestly believe that? God will never bring you to something, and not bring you through it! God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called! We may not feel that we can do that good of a job, but that doesn’t stop God! He can use us, even if we are riding on his shirt tail, holding on for dear life as He pulls us through it! He doesn’t need us, He chooses to use us! It is an honor to serve God, and it is an honor that our Awesome Savior would want to include us in His Master plan! Don’t worry about messing up, because if you are being obedient to God’s will, you can’t mess it up. Things only get messed up when you stray from God’s plan.

As we can see, there are several excuses that almost seem second nature to us! Now comes the moment of truth for all of us: Are any of us using any of these excuses today? Are we holding on to one of these reasons to not serve our Lord? If so, I challenge you today to let go of the excuse, and let God show you that He is bigger than any excuse you could have! Let’s not use excuses as an easy way to be lazy anymore. The simple truth is this: There is a lost and dying world, right here, and millions of people are on there way to hell tonight! Can we honestly be comfortable knowing that so many people are on there way to hell, knowing that it is our job to tell them, and just sit by and do nothing? Pray and earnestly seek God’s plan and His will for your life. You may be scared or surprised at the answer, but if you want to live a joyful and peaceful life, you must follow God’s plan for you life! If you have any questions, feel free to email me romans58ministries@yahoo.com. I’d love to answer any questions you might have. I look forward to talking to you very much! God bless you!

For HIM,

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Andrew Schank said...

Great stuff here. It is so easy to give an excuse rather than do what we are supposed to do. May God help all of us to be instant in our obedience!