Free Christmas Music/Soundtracks

In addition to my blogging here at IFBKJV and on KJV Devotions, I have a coupon money saving blog. I list freebies and samples, and from time to time I post them here at IFBKJV as well. This is one I wanted to get the word out about! has free music available for download, and these three albums are great, especially the first one. If you are always looking for soundtracks, here are a number of freebies! These "Karaoke" Christmas songs make great soundtracks - the four in the middle are great. Available with or without a lead voice. Enjoy!

The Karaoke Channel - Best Traditional Christmas Songs

Sugo Music Free Holiday Sampler (free and full-length songs!)

Timeless Christmas (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Sampler) FREE!

This is a great freebie, but I LOVE the Irish Tenors, so...I really love the first four songs. The last two I don't care for. Listen first, and only download what you like...its's all free!


Grammy Blick said...

I've downloaded -- now to synch and listen to them. Thanks!

JTR said...

Glad you found them of some use! :) Our church (currently) doesn't allow ANY sound tracks, so it's not something I can use now...but I know if I were back in VT we would def be getting some use out of them!