God: 2. Heather: 0.

My friend Amos is leaving the states to go back to Korea as a missionary in about a week. Although we went to the same Bible College, we weren’t friends while we were there – I knew who he was, but he didn’t know me because we hung in completely different circles. Sort of. It wasn’t until after Bible College that he and I become friends.

Anyways, he is thrilled to be able to go back to his homeland of Korea as a witness to the people and try to reach them for the Lord – and I am thrilled for him as well.

But I had a conversation with the Lord this morning, and I stuck my nose where it didn’t belong…

“God, Korea? Really? So far away from all his family and friends? I mean… and before thanksgiving!? You’re not even going to let him spend Thanksgiving and Christmas here with his family before being separated from them by thousands of miles…?”

“Heather? Who are you? Why are you questioning me?”

“Well, I’m just concerned, You know… I mean, he is my friend – and I know it’s not going to be easy…”

“Really… You ha…”
but I interrupted Him before He could go on. I really thought I was going to win this argument.

“It just seems like You’re being very unreasonable here. I mean, You’re already making him go – but before the holidays? It just seems like your adding insult to the injury.”

“Whoa… stop. I’m not making him do anything. I placed a calling on his heart, and he answered. He wants to go. He’s choosing to go. And another thing – I care about him more than you or his family ever could. Who do you think I Am? What is your deal this morning…?”

“Well… I just…”
I stuttered a few other words and turned up my radio. This conversation was over… and I had lost.

I like my comforts. I like my air conditioning in the summer and my heated house in the winter. I like having a refrigerator and a microwave. But above all that, I love being in my home with my family on the holidays – especially on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Halloween fell on a Sunday this year. I found myself judging people: “I wonder how many Christians opted to stay home and pass out candy instead of going to church?” As if it was any of my business.

Christmas falls on a Sunday next year. God tapped my shoulder: “I wonder how many Christians are going to stay home instead of going to church…?”

“But God, it’s Christmas!”

“Yeah… which just so happens to be My birthday, in case you forgot.”

I mumbled something under my breath. I really wasn’t having any luck winning today.

“Oh, and by the way… I Am having a birthday party next year. It’s going to be at My house… starts at 6:00 – you’re invited.”

~ Heather Joy


Grammy Blick said...

Don't you just love those conversations with God when he tells you what you really know? And then you realize how kind He's been to allow you to voice an opinion, even though it's in error. My, how we learn He loves us!

Anonymous said...

Amen. You are so right.
We have a wonderful, merciful, loving Father.
Thank God for it.
Happy Thanksgiving, my friend.
~ Heather Joy