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It is with great pleasure that we introduce a great missionary couple to you... The Roberts Family! Jim and Autumn Roberts are going to Scotland to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Currently, they are involved in their pre-field work, of deputation, raising monthly prayer and financial support. This family has been sent out by Mile Creek Baptist Church of Six Mile, South Carolina and are serving with Macedonia World Baptist Missions of Braselton, Georgia.

Current Status On Deputation...

A Personal Note:
"We are excited that God would count us worthy to serve Him. We have just recently heard of 6 new supporters and we thank God for these new partners. We have been in a total of 70 meetings since we began deputation in July. We are currently at around 20% of our support and looking forward to see what God has in store. Please continue to pray for us as we also have 15 meetings this November."

Experience and Training...


I Graduated from Tabernacle Baptist Bible College in Greenville, SC in May of 2010 with a Theological degree.


I have been blessed to have many opportunities to serve the Lord since Salvation and the call to the Mission field.


While in Bible College I preached in a boys home and rest home every Sunday. I also preached in a local Jail once a month. These opportunities taught me to study the Word of God and gave me a great chance to see God transform lives through salvation.


I was privileged to work with a missionary in Maine for 2 and a half years while in the Navy where I received valuable on the field training in cultural differences and how to start a church. The lessons learned here have helped me greatly see the does and don’ts of missionary service.


I also was the youth choir director and assistant Teen class teacher and am currently working with young men for further service for Christ in life on life discipleship.

Statistics About Scotland...

• Population- 5,168,000

Glasgow – 581,320

Edinburgh – 454,280

Aberdeen – 183,030

Dundee – 142,070

Inverness – 72,745

Stirling – 33,710

• Religions

Church of Scotland – 42 %

No Religion- 27.5 %

Roman Catholic – 15.9 %

Only 5 % of the population attend any church on any given Sunday.

A Little Info About Jim...

My parents were missionaries in Scotland for eight years until1988, where I was born. I was privileged to have parents who loved the Lord and did their best to teach me about the things of God. However, I rebelled against those things which I had been taught.

In high school, I played sports and excelled in football. I had several chances to play collegiate football, yet the Lord in his sovereignty took the joy out of football for me. In trying to seek happiness and peace in my life, I soon became a drunk and drug abuser. In one last attempt to fill the void in my heart, I joined the military in 2002 where I spent 5 years of honorable service in the Navy.

At the age of 21, On May 25, 2003, while in the military, on a Sunday night in the parsonage of Mile Creek Baptist Church, I accepted Christ as my Savior. Then I finally found what I had been missing and searching for, for so long . Two years later on March 19 God called me to preach and in a missions conference in the same year God called me to the mission field, in which he burdened my heart for “my people” in Scotland.
I feel unworthy, yet thankful, for the opportunity to repay God for what He has done for me, by allowing me to serve Him.

A Little Info About Autumn...

I am blessed to have been saved at the age of 7 in Vacation Bible School at my home church. I have always had a tender heart towards missions and am thankful that the Lord allowed me to marry a man that has the same desires. I attended a local Christian College and have been teaching 2nd grade at a Christian school in South Carolina.
Jim and I were married in 2004 where we lived in Maine and Virginia due to the military. This was a time for the Lord to prepare us for the Mission field as we had to depend only on the Lord and each other. In 2005 Elijah was born which was a great addition to our family. After getting out of the Navy, we moved back to South Carolina where I was able to be “planted” in our home church and grow more spiritually in the Lord. In 2009 the Lord blessed us with Ali Grace, who brought so much joy into our lives.
After much prayer, Jim and I feel the Lord has called us to Scotland to share His word with those who are lost. God is so gracious to allow me to serve Him in this way. My prayer is that He may receive not just glory, but unusual and great glory through my life.

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