"A Song for Mothers" by Abigail Miller

Here is a song for all you mothers out here who work very hard every day to honor God, honor your husbands, and raise your children for the glory of God, and yet recognize that you are fully human! Many have affectionately called it "The Cheerio Song." :-)

One humorous thing to keep in mind is that Abigail wrote this song when we had only two children! Now we have nine! We had no idea what was awaiting us. LOL! God does have a sense of humor.

Enjoy! (The pictures are of our family in 2008.)


Joyful Grandma said...

Enjoyed this! Large families are such a blessing!

Aliene said...

Beautiful song. Just heard Abigail sing in Livingston, La. Lovely and blessed family. If they have a blog I would like to know.
God bless as they work for the Lord.

Curly Girl said...

What a beautiful family and song! I try to remember that the laundry, dishes, fingerprints, and general messiness of the house are simply signatures of the ones I love, and oh, too, soon they will be gone. :(