400th Anniversary of KJV

Have you heard about this conference in Toledo, Ohio? I would love to be able to attend, and am going to try to get there if I can!

Cost: FREE

Starts: Sunday the 10th and goes to Wednesday the 13th of April
Sunday morning starts at 9:45 and Sun evening at 6

Daily: M-W the morning services start at 9, but there will be donuts and coffee with the speakers for everyone starting at 8:30. They will have three sessions every morning and they will be set up more as a lectures on specific topics regarding the KJV. M-W evening services will kick off with Scripture reading by guest/staff preachers at 6:30 and service will actually start at 7:00 with two preachers each night, choir, inspiring videos on the Bible and special music as well.
Guest speakers:
Dr. Bill Grady
Dr. Sam Gipp
Stephen Shutt
Mickey Carter
Douglas Stauffer
Gail Riplinger

Location:6250 S. Ave., Toledo, OH 43615


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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is my friend's church! :)

I'm really hoping to be there -- at least for all the evening services!