As the month of March draws closer, I can help but let my mind remember. Remember, March 18,1962.It was my wedding day. It is the day that my life changed forever. Jim and I became "ONE", bound together forever by marriage through the love that we had for each other. It will be 49 years this March. There have been so many great-good times. Our children, the Lord gave us being head of the list. He gave us five children who, truly we would give our life if need be. He blessed us with 20 Grandchildren that no Grandparent could be happier to have as part of their lives. Blessing continue with the Great Grandchildren, of which we have seven. There will be many more in the years to come, we are sure. If we do not get to see them all, hopefully we will have left enough of an imprint in the lives of our children and Grandchildren, they will feel as though they have known us. We have know some days of disappointment, sadness and yes even heartbreak at times. Having the Lord as our foundation has been what has seen us through it all. He always brought us back to our center in Him. As long as we had our eyes on Him, we stayed on the right road but if our eyes got blurred and we could only see "me", "myself", and "I", we, for a time would go down the wrong path. We have had some reproofs, some corrections and yes, even some whippings to bring us back close to His side. At the time, they were not pleasant but we always knew they were for our good!Even in the times of grief, the joy we got from the Lord was always a spark in our hearts ready to be fanned into full flame by our seeking repentance and God showing his Grace and Mercy toward us as His Children and our Fellowship with Him was quickly restored.

I wrote this poem a few years ago on our anniversary for Jim and I would like to share it with you all.


In our minds, we see it all, as I take my pen,
And write about places that we have been.
The ones we have seen and the ones we would like to see
With eyes seeing all, and a touch, a feeling, just you and me.

We have seen flowers not a few,
More birds than we can count.
There have been faces of every hue.
We've even seen a snowy mount.
We've seen the falling rain and sparkling dew,
Felt the cool, cool breeze as it came past 'You.'
The twinkling stars our eyes have beheld,
At the sight of a tiny babe, our hearts did melt.

We have seen the smiles and felt the tears,
Our hearts have known the joys and fears.
Life has given to us, it's very best.
Yet, each year brings us closer, to our time of rest.

Looking forward, onward we go,
We will be searching high and low,
For things our eyes may have missed
As good-bye the moments, we have kissed.
Moments that have brought us worry or trouble,
We will walk right through the rubble.
Our goal is a "River" to be crossed,
And a feeling that there is nothing we have lost.
by Connie McEntire, August 17, 2008

So, today I tell you with grateful heart to God, if you are married, value that marriage. Love and try your best to teach those children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren that with God all things are possible and without out Him there is nothing good, or worthwhile. We will all live in ways that do not please Him but we can keep on striving to do what is right and seek to be a pleasure to the ONE who made us and gave us life. Happy Anniversary, soon, dear Jim, I love you forever!connie


KJV4ME said...

Happy Anniversary! It's so good to read about a man and wife who have loved each other through it all!


Thank you KJV4ME but we deserve none of the credit it is all because of our Lord!