I have been absent for a short while, maybe some of you wonder why? I have been on the battlefield fighting a fierce battle.

I have seen the storm clouds for sometime now but tried to pretend that they would not touch me. But the enemy has been very close! I could not see "him" but I felt his presence everwhere I turned. He used some of the most treasured things in my life to try to make me surrender. He tried to make me believe "what was the use of it all if in the end you are hated and unloved? He fought hard but in my heart I had a memorial service always going on. I remembered the ONE who died for me. Shed His blood for me! Paid my sin debt so that I could be saved. All of this cost me nothing and yet, it had cost Him everything!!I remembered how everything in this life that was good had come from His Hand. I remembered that He had never left me nor forsaken me, NEVER!! I remembered that even though I am so unworthy, He IS the worthy ONE. I had nothing before I met Him and accepted His Grace and His love. Now, I have everything in Him!!

He used the precious things of my life to hurt, confuse and burden me Then I remembered that without Him I did not have them anyway. In Satan's attemp to confuse me there were times I did not understand, He tried to take my mind off the Lord and the reason why I was created and given life in the first place.It is to bring Him pleasure and for my life to bring Him Glory.

For some days now that battle had been rageing and at times I did feel that there was no help nigh. There in the darkness my heart cried out for the light of the morning to come! In my heart at the memory of all that I had in Him, my heart would calm, my fears be relieved, and the joy and peace He gives would take it's rightful place.

Even though, my outer body bears the scars of the battle that has taken place, my soul is well! As a Christian Soldier, I am here to report that "MY GOD REIGNS!! Praise His Holy Name!connie


JTR said...

Connie, I am so glad you won the victory over this (through Christ!) - I completely can relate. I had such a very rough year last year. There were times I almost gave into the despair that Satan would have loved me to give in to - my husband as well. We felt as though we were in the "dungeon of Giant Despair" for awhile... I am so happy to hear you know HE always loves you, and millions of Christian brothers and sisters do too! Keep on keeping what you can, and LET GOD DO THE REST. (((HUG)))


Dear JTR, thank you so much for your words of encouragement :) really appreciate them. It seems some battles are harder than others but when we know that it is Christ first and always no matter who is involved the battle is almost over, just have to put the knowing into action. It was just a sad time of disappointment. But God's gives the victory and all I had to do was to get my eyes back totally and all on Him.Thanks again. connie