The Blog Directory now has 58 authors (up to 100 can be added). If you are an author, but never plan to post here, please let me know. I will remove you as an author, but not your blog from the directory. If you are a member who wants to post on the main page here, please let me know and I will send you an author invite.

Posts and reposts here on IFBKJV.com's main text area can be on any topic, as long as the blog is written by an independent Baptist who loves the KJV! No other version (of course) will be allowed, unless in an article on other versions (of course).

The main page here is like a potpourri of many types of blogs. You can post sermons, thoughts*, recipes, news, blessings, youtube videos and hymns, giveaways, funny pictures, poetry, household tips, quotations that impress you, really anything that you are doing on your own blog. Feel free to link to your own blog so readers can find more of your posts if they like them.

*If you write devotions, please let me know, and I will add you as an author to the KJV Devotional side of IFBKJV.com.

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