I once read the following quotes on a blog of a friend of mine, whose name is Maxine. She is the author of This is a wonderful Godly lady and she has two blogs and both will be a great encouragement to you. I highly advise you to go over and meet her. You will not be sorry. connie

My idea of a last will and testament would be the same as a man called Andrew Duncan, dated April 14, 1626.

"About himself he said:

'...First, as touching myself, body and soul; my soul I leave to Christ Jesus, who gave it, and when it was lost, redeemed it, that He may send His holy angels to transport it to the bosom of Abraham, there to enjoy all happiness and contentment; as as for this frail body, I commend it to the grave, there to sleep and rest, as in a sweet bed, until the day of refreshment, when it shall be reunited to the soul...'

"About his children, he said:

'As for the children whom God hath given me, for which I thank His Majesty, I leave them to His providence, to be governed and cared for by Him, beseeching Him to be the tutor, curator, and agent, in all their abodes, yea, and a father; and that He would lead them by His gracious Spirit, through this evil world; that they be profitable instruments...holding their course to heaven, and comforting themselves with the glorious and fair-to-look-on heritage, which Christ hath conquered for them, and for all that love Him...'

"Of his possessions, he said:

'As concerning my temporal goods, the baggage and blathrie of the earth, as I have gotten them in the world off God's liberal hand, so I leave them behind me in the world; giving most humble and hearty thanks unto my heavenly Father for so long and comfortable loan of the same."

Oh, Lord, I can think of no other greater 'last will and testament' than the prayer prayed by this Godly man.

Help us to always remember WHO created us, saved and redeemed us and will one day take us home to live eternally with Him in a home He has prepared for us.

As for my children, I have no greater prayer than that they be found faithful in loving and serving you. If they lose their way, I pray, Dear Lord, please open their eyes that they might see "YOU" and only "You." Draw them always closer still to Your side. Lord when out of your will, please don't let them sleep or be at peace until they have your PEACE.

Of all the things you have loaned to me on this earth to make my journey here as good as it was possible, I thank you,and love you, Dear Lord, for all that you have given to me.connie

P.S. Thank you, Maxine for once sharing this with me. It has been a great blessing to me since I first read it.

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