10 Ways To Better Lead As A Pastor

Most pastors want to be a better leader. For me, it has become an obsession or sorts. I want to be the BEST pastor I can be. If I am to be a sharper tool in God's omnipotent hand, then I must allow my Lord to whet the edge of my leadership ability. Ultimately, it is God who makes the leader out of the pastor, but I want to do all that is humanly possible to be in the place for God to make the most out of me.

In the never ending quest for becoming a better leader one will find a plethora of so-called experts on the subject. Not one week goes by that I do not see an advertisement on my Facebook account trying to get me to go to some conference or buy some book on leadership. In spite of the large quantity of materials on the issue of being a better leader, it really comes down to a few simple things: (1) A teachable spirit; (2) Submission to the Holy Spirit; (3) A little bit of common sense.

(1 Timothy 4:12) "Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." (KJV)
Listed below are 10 suggestions for how to become a better leader as a pastor. May God use each of these to be  a blessing to you!

#1 - Great "leadership" starts with great "followship". 

Follow the Lord, follow your pastor, and follow godly men!

#2 - SEEK to be the leader God wants YOU to be.

Don't worry about being anything but what God desires you to be. Sometimes influential people have great plans for us, but not what God wants for us! Know the difference!

#3 - Be yourself.

God made you unique... so be unique! It can be one of your greatest Allies! 

#4 - Don't ask of others what you would not readily perform yourself.

There should never be a task "beneath" you. No matter how important you think yourself to be or how others think you to be, you are still a good candidate to clean the toilet bowl!

#5 - Seek balance in your leadership.

Balance is the key to a successful ministry. Don't be going to extremes all the time. Find out which way God is going and go with Him.

#6 - Don't exploit the mistakes and sins of others for personal gain and promotion.

The unfortunate blunders and circumstances that people get themselves into are not necessarily open range for you and I to graze upon. Some things are meant for us to see and learn from, not for the rest of the country to know about!

#7 - Lead, don't manipulate, drag and force.

Lead by example! Jesus would be the greatest picture of this. If you will lead, then people will follow! Let God do this work! 

#8 - Lead with confidence balanced by meekness and humbleness.

Know who you are, why you are here, where you are going, and how to get there, and you will be a good prospect for leadership! 

#9 - Emulate the positive aspects of other great leaders.

Every man is our teacher, so watch and listen!

#10 - Embrace difficulties, trials, and persecutions as CHALLENGES not problems.

Be solution oriented, not problem oriented. There is a difference and happy is the man who understands this!


There is no claim being made in this post that we have cornered the market on what it takes to be a great leader. The suggestions above have been very practical and helpful to our ministry. May they help you to become the great leader God desires you to be!

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