New Song of the Month, Lyrics

Lord, I must be yours alone.
Teach me I am not my own.
Crush and mold this heart of stone.
In your image make it.

Willful, stubborn, Lord, it's true-
I do what I want to do.
Let me learn to follow you.
Take my will and break it.

From my self I would be free.
Take all my identity,
Fill with your humility.
Seize my pride and shake it.

When a helpless wreck I am,
Take me and rebuild the sham
To be like the Living Lamb,

My life, on Him I stake it.

Lord, I Must Be Yours - Additionally, this was written my a friend of mine, Abigail Miller, whose husband, Paul is a member of!

This website has original songs from singer/songwriters. You have to weed through them, but there are many very nice songs to choose from. They have some really cute kid's songs and teen choruses. I am always looking for new songs to sing in church that others may have never heard of. There are also a lot of scripture songs, but be aware, not all use the KJV.

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JTR said...

They are COMING TO OUR CHURCH NEXT SUNDAY!!! I am SO EXCITED!!! (can you tell?)