New Song of the Month, Lyrics

I will pass this way but once,
If there's any good that I can do,
Let me know it now,
For I'll never pass this way again.

I wil see this day but once,
If there's any kindness I can show,
Let me show it now,
For I'll never see this day again.

CH: Tomorrow may be too late, my friend,
To do all the good that your command;
So reach out to those who need you,
And lend them a helping hand.

I will know this world but once,
If there's any love that I can give,
Let me give it now, Oh Lord,
For I'll ever know this world again.

I Will Pass This Way But Once -

This website has original songs from singer/songwriters. You have to weed through them, but there are many very nice songs to choose from. They have some really cute kid's songs and teen choruses. I am always looking for new songs to sing in church that others may have never heard of. There are also a lot of scripture songs, but be aware, not all use the KJV.

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