What is "The Cloud"?

I came across a great YouTube on "the cloud". I have heard a lot about it lately, and went looking for info, and this you tuber has a lot of good info on his many videos. I can see how this could be beneficial in a lot of ways ie: my files at church and my files at home, so I thot I'd share it here for anyone who cares.

On a side note, at the Spiritual Leadership Conference in Lancaster, CA, they released a new app for the iPhone or Android. It's a app for soulwinning contacts! It looks really nice, and they have been testing it for a year. They just got it approved at iTunes, and you can get it there for 99 cents. It's called "Outreach", and here is a link that tells more about it: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/outreach/id447923900?mt=8 "Once installed you can track the progress of each of your soulwinning prospects— you can quickly view a map to their home, make a phone call, and record each contact and spiritual decision. You can also view and organize your prospects into custom lists."

I don't have either phone yet :( but it anyone has used it, please post on it! I'd love to hear about how it works and what it can do!

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