The Lord has opened up several doors for us in the last week that are very exciting. We have been praying for a printer that could print our tracts at a fraction of the cost and we have found two. One is in the States and another in The Philippines. We can now get 10,000 14 pt card stock tracts for $180 including shipping in the States and 10,000 for $220 in The Philippines. While the price is higher in the Philippines it is actually a better deal because that is the price we are paying now and we won't need to ship them there which will save money on shipping. The Brother in the Philippines has also agreed to ship for us to countries close to him which will also save money on shipping costs. But we need your help. We are looking for anyone who would be able to help fund some of these projects. You are familiar with our 2012 Outreach and we again want to get as many of the 2012 tracts printed and handed out while we can. Our missionary friend in the Philippines has completed the Tagalog version of the video and would love to be able to hand out the tracts after he shows the video in villages. Please pray about what God might have you do to help us in our efforts. We still also ask prayer for the money to come in on the DVD duplicator we wish to purchase. Again also we need people to also use out materials so if you would like to place an order for tracts please fill out the form here  Please ignore the description size as the tracts are around 3.25x4.5 Have a great day. God bless. :)

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