New Song of the Month, Lyrics

Like a child in the hands of it’s Father, I’m safe in the hands of my Lord. Through the storms and trials I may pass through, I can stand on the rock of His Word. CH: Precious hands, precious love of my Jesus! Same hands that were pierced for my sin. They’re the hands that will hold me and keep me, As I live for my Saviour and King. When I think of the way that He suffered, On Calvary's cruel tree long ago, Of the blood that was shed to save me, Of the love never ceasing to glow. When we look at His hands that were pierced there, How worthless our hands seem to be! How little that they have been folded, In fervent prayer to the King. Precious Hands - This website has original songs from singer/songwriters. You have to weed through them, but there are many very nice songs to choose from. They have some really cute kid's songs and teen choruses. I am always looking for new songs to sing in church that others may have never heard of. There are also a lot of scripture songs, but be aware, not all use the KJV.

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