New Song of the Month, Lyrics

Jacob wrestled with an angel for his very life;
Fighting was the way of life he knew.
Just when he thought his strength was gone,
His blinded eyes could see
That the enemy he faced was the very thing he'd need.
So before the dawn, his grip had changed,
In holding on the freedom came to say, that...

CH: "I will not let You go,
I will not let You go,
I will not let You go,
Until You bless me." (2x)
Last CH: (Because You bless me)

When the trial by fire threatens to consume my very soul,
How many times I've said "I can't go on."
Just when I think my strength is gone,
Your grace has come to see
That in order to be changed I must embrace the pain I need!
So I cling to You, my will distained,
Your power comes in peace for me to say, that...

BR: Now I walk with a scar,
Praise the Lord, my name's been changed;
A new life has begun, and I'll never be the same!
Face to face with the Lord, my life has been preserved,
And by faith I embrace, with Your grace, I embrace
Your plan for me, so...

I Will Not Let You Go -

This website has original songs from singer/songwriters. You have to weed through them, but there are many very nice songs to choose from. They have some really cute kid's songs and teen choruses. I am always looking for new songs to sing in church that others may have never heard of. There are also a lot of scripture songs, but be aware, not all use the KJV.

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