Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

I read that late term abortion provider, Dr George Tiller was gunned down and shot dead as he served as an usher in his home church in Wicheta.

Now as most of you who know me already know, I am a pro-life Christian and a self-confessed baby-holic. I love everything to do with pregnancy, childbirth and babies. I have a lot of time for children and teens...I get on well with most adults and I look after and love my aged mother. I abhor the thought of euthanasia. I tell you this, because I love life! "Make your point!" you say?

The point I am making is that I am extremely pro-life and anti-abortion. However, that does not mean that I wish to kill those who promote and perform is not the way of our Saviour! I understand the emotion that abortion creates: I have been touched by it in my own family....and I can never agree that killing an innocent unborn child is a good thing....let's be plain about it: it is murder! But that doesn't give us the right to commit the same act and thus have blood on *our* hands.

This event bothers me too because it is going to have some bad repercussions on other pro-life supporters and anti-abortion protesters who use peaceful means to get their point across. We are going to be pictured as dangerous radicals when nothing could be further from the truth. It just goes to show that abortion spreads death and trouble where ever it is practised. But loathe it as we do, we can never right a wrong by taking a life- for we all know that two wrongs don't make a right....

Let's remember that there is one Judge Who will judge Dr George Tiller...and be glad we don't have the blood of innocents on our hands when we stand before Him.

Maranatha, Lord Jesus!

© Glenys Robyn Hicks of Morning Cuppas With Glenys

"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." Romans 12:19


Don Porter, M.Ed said...

Good post, I'm gonna put it on my blog

Anonymous said...

Thank you! Blessings!