"God has been so good to me"

My 7 yr old just learned the 1st verse and chorus to this song last week and sung it at church last week. It is so true though, I am very blessed. Sometimes it is easy to forget these things but truely all I have to do is just look around me. No, I don't live anywhere grand but God has given me a comfortable abode and wonderful family and a great Christian family as well. My days are crazy sometimes to say the least. There is always a constant peace though. I guess this is a little short. Bear with me as I'm still a little new to the blogging world. This is my first on this site.

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JTR said...

1) Blind Bartimaeus stood by the wayside, begging

He cried out to Jesus, for he knew the chance he was taking

The crowd said, "Be quiet, don't bother Him now,"

But the more that they questioned, the louder he'd shout,

"Thou Son of David, have mercy on me"

And today, I believe he can see

2) He said to the Lord, "My daughter is dying at home"

Then another man said, "She is dead, leave the Master alone"

When He heard what they said, His heart was grieved,

He said, "Be not afraid, only believe", then He spoke to the child,

"I say unto thee, 'Arise'", and I believe she's alive


He is more than enough to make a blind man to see

He's more than enough to guide you and me

He's more than enough to turn the water to wine,

And He's more than enough to feed a family like mine

He's more than enough to heal all disease

He's more than enough to wash sin out of me

If He can raise up the dead, and give them new life,

Then Jesus is more than enough