Twelve convincing reasons for having family devotions:

1. It unifies the family and sweetens home life.

2. It cultivates the Christian graces and relieves tension and misunderstanding that sometimes threaten the fellowship of the home.

3. It aids our boys and girls in becoming Christians, and helps them to develop ideals that guide them in vital Christian living.

4. It yields spiritual resources for daily tasks and assists us in cultivating dependence upon God.

5. It strengthens us in the face of adversities and disappointments and enables us to trust Christ implicitly in all of life’s circumstances.

6. It makes us conscious during the day of the abiding presence of our Savior and Friend.

7. It bears a Christian witness to the guests in our home.

8. It undergirds the Christian teaching of the Sunday School and the ministry of the church.

9. It affords opportunity for the Christian family to pray for and to sharpen its concern for non-Christian families.

10. It helps us to give a right place to spiritual values and saves us from an undue concern for the temporal things of life.

11. It encourages us to put Christianity into practice in our homes.

12. It honors God and provides an excellent outlet for the expression of our gratitude for the abundance of daily mercies and blessings which come from Him.

Do you have daily devotions?

Lord bless,

Bro. Harry Shomaker

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