Baptist Muse - GONE?

The internet is so transitory. It looks like my Baptist Muse links have turned into some ad for building blogs. In fact, judging by a google for Baptist Muse, it looks like Baptist Muse itself has dropped off the face of the earth and become a new business (same owner looks like, Nicholas). Baptist Muse used to be a forum, blogging site, and directory...but that looks gone now. If anyone knows differently, please comment.

I know it has been difficult for me to keep up my blogging with this move and all (the moving van brings my desktop this week! YES!), but I will make every attempt (and have) to keep this directory going for many years to come. I think having so many authors really makes things like this last longer. My KJV Devos site has suffered while I have been offline myself, but many thanks go to those who have been contributing authors there, too, and have kept the blog going.

If you would like to post on this IFB KJV Directory (on any topic! As long as you are IFB and KJV!), or if you even have devotions that you can post - or copy and paste from your own blog - for KJV Devos - please drop me an email. I'd love to have more authors on both blogs. Not only does it make them both more interesting reading for all, but it also stabilizes them. God bless!


jeftex said...

Nicholas Cardot created Baptist Muse and Site Sketch 101. I'm not sure what's going on, but I sent him a link to this page so that maybe he will leave a comment here letting us all know what's up.

Deborah said...

I've emailed him too, and he doesn't respond.

dilbert4life said...

The BaptistMuse has gone through a couple transitions in the past year - but it is back now, and better than ever! We have added some new features, and cleared out the spam.

Check it out -